Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Greenbrier?

Over the past few months I’ve been asked various questions about the book, Last Hand: A Suburban Memoir of Cards and the Cold War Era. The next several days I’m going to post answers to some of those questions. The first question deals with the subdivision that is the setting for the story.

Was Greenbrier unique enough of a place to grow up to make it a worthy topic for a book?

Much of the experience of growing up in the Greenbrier subdivision during the Cold War was common to many middle-class American communities from coast-to-coast and very representative of Chicago suburban life. What makes Greenbrier a worthy topic, is that American communities, culture, and family life have all changed over time. Some of the changes that have taken place have been by design, while others are a result of changing technology. Regardless of whether one believes the evolution of American society has been for better or worse, the experience of having grown up in a place like Greenbrier has become very unique. I wrote the book with the ultimate goal of transporting the reader to that time and place to observe American family life that is part of an irretrievable American past.

Greenbrier in 1975


Unknown said...

Just ordered the book, wow, all the old memories that came back after viewing your web site. Indian Guides was the best; I was an “Eagle” the same time that Scott was in. I remember the annual kite flying contest and the monster kite made with bamboo poles. It was so big all the dads had to hold on to the rope (not string) and use all their weight to keep that thing in the air. We still have one of the mugs that your dad made for everyone in the Eagle Tribe. I will never forget the Greenbrier Softball League, when I tell my friends that we played softball with a 14" HARD softball, they can’t believe we didn't use baseball gloves. I was in that 1969 championship game, unfortunately for us, we lost to Scott's team. My dad just recently gave me the second place trophy that he received as the coach of our championship team.
Can’t wait to read your book!

Tom Price said...

I'm very glad you heard about the book. Spread the word where you can. By the way your signed copy shipped today.