Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Norris Center

While cleaning out a closet recently I came across a poster my brother Steve did for the Norris Center while he was a student at Northwestern University. Steve was a film student at Northwestern from 1979 until 1983. I remember him working many hours at the Norris Center which is a student center at the university. When Scott and I would visit him, he was always busy doing some art project for them. He made t-shirts and posters. Scott and I would drag him away to play pool or ping pong and maybe a game or two of Robotron.

Steve even made a cool promotional film for the Norris Center. I didn’t see the film until fairly recently. They showed on the day that they were dedicating a plaque in Steve’s honor, remembering his work in film and his Norris Center roots. So, if by chance, someday you’re visiting the Northwestern University Campus, stop by the Norris Center, and play a game of pool. And, if you still have time, go and ask to see Steve’s plaque and artwork display.

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